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Statins appear to harm about as many people as they help

When I was at medical school I remember being lectured on the wonders of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I was distinctly taught, and without reservation, that women taking HRT had a lower risk of heart disease compared to women ‘going without’. This ‘fact’ turned out to be complete rubbish. Subsequent …

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Thinking About PSA and the Latest News

Men’s Health I live where it is a good 90 minute drive to any city of real size.  When I moved to this area almost ten years ago I was trying to teach the communities about the fact that the PSA test was ineffective.  Of course the closed minds so …

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Considering Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine for Problems from Prolapse

In Homeopathy selecting a remedy is based upon the individual, and determining the impact of their symptoms.  In this way recovering to a complete state of health can be achieved by relieving signs and symptoms. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat uterine prolapse but to address its underlying cause and …

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Honey Selected for Health and Healing

Honey for Health and HealingOrganic Raw Honey – 17.6 oz. glass jar As a highly respected and internationally renown expert in natural health I have been using, recommending and selling only the finest honey products for many decades. I’ve always used raw honey and for the most part that raw …

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Got PAIN? Let Us Help You with Natural and Custom Remedies

This isn’t new news.  I’ve read and re-read articles on this very topic for years and I have yet to see mainstream medicine, CDC, or even Big PhRMA do anything to address this other than a move to control it by and or through legislation (which really has yet to be …

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