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Death and Sleep Drugs

Well here we are. And once again the mainstream media is reporting on the problems with sedative hypnotic drugs. The same problems of death and higher risk of death is reported today, even when it has been reported on Natural Health News since 2005. I want to know why things …

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Most Taking Rx for Bone Drugs Quit

Certainly this is no surprise.  Osteoporosis drugs have many problematic and even life threatening side effects. They also require many lifestyle adjustments that after time many people, both men and women, find difficult.  Additionally many are fluoride based which causes the reduction or even ending of the function of osteoclast …

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Chipping you with drugs

This last week several articles hit the news about the use of microchips to administer drugs.  Some people may think this is a great advance in pharmaceutical science but I got shivers reading it.  Worse was thinking about the consequences from the well known risk of EMF exposure and tumours …

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Beware EMF: Food and Health

I started educating people and writing about the health impact of EMF more than two decades ago.  I spoke on the hazardous use of microwave ovens even earlier.  As more and more EMF devices litter our environment we are certainly more at risk of real health dangers. Read what one …

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Cranberry for Your Health, yes, and get some FREE

I have always been a great fan of the cranberry.  I like it because it has differing enzymes than found in most other fruits and it has long been known to help you keep a healthy UT (urinary tract).Recently, a new product has emerged in the rapidly growing “shots” market. …

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Now there is proof

I write a new column on health and politics for Sinclair News.  I am pleased to have this venue because it allows me more freedom to write about things that need to be uncensored and where the fear factor is not an issue. While Larry Sinclair is, and has been, …

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Alternate Media follows our lead

Now that millions have seen the true colors of the Komen Foundation Following its withdrawal of funding from Planned Parenthood I’m posting a selection of our articles on “PINK” from over the years. After 20+ years of PINK there is no cure. And there is little aimed at prevention and …

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Heart Health Month is here

3 Feb 2012 During Heart Month we are offering ARTERIOZYME, a natural enzymatic supplement that may help remove plaque from your arteries and improve health.  Originally posted 17 200580% of patients who develop coronary artery disease have “normal” cholesterol levels. On July 13, 2004 commercial media announced statements from U.S. …

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