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Coconut and Cholesterol

I’ve been wondering just how many readers remember Carmen Miranda and Jerry Collona. I’ve wondered too how many readers might remember the Swedish film (best in Swedish with English subtitles) “My Life As A Dog”. These may be two confusing questions and I know you’d ask what does either one have to …

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For a very long time I have, on my web sites and in this blog as well as in other articles I write for different publications, been alerting people to the extreme risks associated with statin drugs.  I recently wrote an article for my column with Sinclair News on this …

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What You Don’t Know About Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are at it again, and in the news.  The 5 Hour Energy CEO has played the “I don’t know” game along with “I’ll have to get back to you with that information” and more prattle while avoiding the real issues. While 5 Hour Energy is not the only …

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CODEX: Yes to Malnutrition

Our thanks go to the National Health Federation and Scott Tips for his shattering report on the recent CODEX deliberations in Germany.  You should too. As these government directed pundits go you see for the most part that not only do they have no understanding of nutrients and nutrition, they …

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