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On the Attack Against Dr Wright Again

Currently in the stifling bureaucratic environment of Washington State Jonathan Wright, MD is under attack again, this time from the Department of Health. The problem, as reported, seems to have to do more with an error on the part of the WA DOH bureaucrats that anything Dr. Wright did or …

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More Risks From Fluoride

Heavy tea drinkers getting skeletal fluorosis.  The risk is much higher where water is artificially fluoridated with fertilizer waste products containing fluorsilicic acid.  This also gives you lead, mercury, arsenic and a wide range of other toxic heavy metals.  Places like Seattle and Everett along with many other Washington state …

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Just Stand Up and Say NO to Drugs When Pregnant

I have over the past 10 years or more written extensively about the risk of harm to the health of pregnant women and their baby from SSRI anti depressant drugs. It is also interesting to note too about Rh negative mothers with Rh negative babies and the fact that the …

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Electromagnetic Cream Tops Best’s List

A. M. Best, the oldest and largest credit rating agency for the insurance industry just placed radiofrequency radiation from cell phones and cell towers and cybersecurity risks at the top of their list of emerging technology risks. Their website is www.ambest.com The number 1 emerging technology-based risk is radiofrequency radiation. Best states …

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What’s Up at Cargill

To me it is unconscionable to market these manufactured sweetener products as they are man made and not in the whole, natural form.  What bothers me more is the lack of responsibility shown by the USA national nurse practitioner (NP) association that has Cargill’s stevioside extract and erythritol combination product, …

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When Antibiotics Stop Working

In 1993 I worked on an approach to drop a direct hit on a rampage of flesh eating bacteria in Seattle.  Since that time we have seen over an over again more and more reports on ever increasing resistant bacteria. This article below is one of more than 30 from …

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Everyone Needs to Improve Their Liver Health and Function

I found this article on line and with Spring coming along quickly I thought it would be informative. Top Recommendation for Optimum Liver Function and Top 10 Herbals for Liver Cleansing One of the most important organs in the body is your liver. The liver has many functions such as …

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An important thought about your health

Natural health is about healthcare that is respectful of our evolutionary heritage. It’s about working with nature, rather than against it. Natural Health News and our parent organization, CHI, have worked since 1988 to promote and protect natural health. We hope this inspires you to engage in your own personal …

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