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2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 About this time every year the Environmental Working Group releases their latest list of foods highest and lowest in pesticide residue. This week I want to share with you their updated lists for 2013. They have again expanded the Dirty Dozen with a Plus …

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Health Care Adrift

I rarely if ever add guest posts to my blog.  In a way this may be seen as snobbish, however I don’t see it that way.  As Natural Health News is the original an earliest source for quality good natural news.  Natural Health News led by example and sites that …

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Important New Reading

Ginger Beats Drugs(SOURCE) One Explanation Why Medications Do Not Really Work (SOURCE1) (SOURCE2)  WEB SPECIAL – Don’t Miss Out !  #541:  Get 1 mini consult FREEwhen you purchase 4in our ASK level of service. Regimentation in Medicine and the Death of Creativity (SOURCE)  

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Consider this when thinking of vaccines

While I am terribly busy with so many details too numerous to mention following a recent move and the fall out from this change I find it very important to share this information with you. Being one of the first bloggers to report the issue of vaccination boys with the …

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