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High Heat Warnings

In very hot weather it is best to bring your loving animal companion indoors.Here are some tips for your dog. Supply shade.  Supply enough water. One quart of water with 1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar helps people in hot weather and it is safe and helpful for your pets …

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A Different Way of Approaching Drug Resistant TB

Over many years we have covered the topic of vitamin C and its benefits in health and disease.  We have also written on the benefits of garlic for drug resistant TB and how microbiological research proved this.  As this kind of science continues to be rejected by mainstream medicine and …

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Digital Dementia

Can’t say Natural Health News did not warn you it was coming In 2004 I was teaching classes on the topic of EMF induced health risks.  Now we have more than enough proff and this is just one more fact of the problem. Some teens in South Korea exhibiting ‘digital …

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The Race Is On: Beating the October 1 Deadline

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is facing a dilemma.By Wendell Potter Should he sign a bill that was intended to help many state residents get coverage for cost-effective health care that insurers often refuse to pay for? Or veto the bill because it is loaded with amendments that will benefit insurers and …

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Keeping Watch: Health Care Topics and New Health Legislation (3)

Hepatitis B vaccine is known to shut down an infant’s liver for at least two weeks following injection.  It is also known to be related to the increasing number of cases of Diabetes 1. There is much, much more. Excerpt from  Vaccination Is Not Immunization , 3rd ed. 2013 By …

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Keeping Watch: Health Care Topics and New Health Legislation (2)

As a longtime health care professional and whistle blower I find company in Einer’s thoughts as very similar to what I have been telling people for decades. Listen Up! Another risk is ALEC and their effort to bring about Medicare privatization.   More about ALEC will continue on Natural Health News. …

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Keeping Watch: Health Care Topics and New Health Legislation (1)

The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry Posted with permission from my colleague, Dr Arthur Evagelista, formerly with the FDA. The main principles governing the pharmaceutical “business with disease” are:…”It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases –  the maintenance and expansion of diseases …

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Silver: A tried and true germ fighter

Today’s news gives us hope that mainstream medicine is waking up to concepts that can be of great help to people yet are often not considered. Silver based medications were a main ingredient in therapy when I was in charge of a large urban burn center in the 1970s. Much …

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Aspartame and Seizures

 The attitude of science toward the unwelcome is that it does not exist June 11, 2013: Today at 5pm eastern time. just click the link and network feed will start automatically. ASPARTAME. <http://guerillamedianetwork.com/>http://guerillamedianetwork.com/ A disturbing report on the fast rise of seizure disorder in children was something I heard on …

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