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In the nation’s largest lead Superfund site, Bunker Hill, a 1500 square mile, an EPA designated NPL area stretching from the Idaho, Montana border on into Washington State, children are not running very well. The lead testing of children is being compromised. Not only are thousands of children not being …

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More Fish Oil Folly from Mainstream Medicine

Recently I sent out a message about this study, pointing out the use of fractionated omega 3 in the DHA only form, and a low dose, les than therapeutic recommendations. Now another of many commentaries has been published. Before you believe the talking heads on your TV station or the …

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Big Government Plan for Your Supplements

Here’s the latest CODEX update from National Health Federation Anti-Vitamin Misinformation The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) celebrated its 50th year of existence the first week of July while also conducting its 36th session, with several hundreds of member-state delegates and non-governmental organizations in attendance.  Chairman Sanjay Dave was re-elected as CAC Chairman …

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Malnutrition Equals Obesity

While this article from Gary Scattergood is written about the issue of malnutrition in the UK it is certainly appropriate to raise the same question in the US. In the late 60s when I was in college earning my NP degrees I studied nutrition as an integrated part of the …

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