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Calculating Cholesterol

Natural Health News has over eight (8) pages of articles addressing the cholesterol charade.  I am posting the top four (4) in light of the new push to get more people on a very dangerous drug that in reality has no real benefit to protect you from cardiovascular disease. What …

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Can we please hear both sides

Another pertussis cluster has led to the banning of non-vaccinated children from a school district in the Tucson area.  In all the news reports the issue of “non-vaccinated children” is the target or emphasized catch phrase. I recall writing an article in the mid 90s after interviewing a California (MD) …

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FLU FOR YOU? or Prevention

The fact is the practice of flu vaccination in the elderly is not based on evidence, but an article of faith.Should the Elderly Get the FLU jab?  Use the search window in the right column to find our numerous posts on vaccines, flu, vitamin D, vitamin C, and more Natural …

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