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Holiday Help and Tummy Tamers

This comes from my newsletter, herbalYODA Says!, November 2011.  The information is still good considering canola oil is found in just about everything.   Canoloa oil is a liver toxin.   As is pepper, once you heat it pepper becomes a liver irritant.  Better to add after cooking.  ===================================================================   …

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Sunday, August 29, 2010 FDA Looking into Triclosan?   UPDATE: 8/29/10  Triclosan and antibacterial warnings –Updates at Natural Healing through Natural Health – New article here from Jill Richardson, compiling much of what we have been teaching about the risk of triclosan since the late 80s. from Natural Health News… Natural Health News: FDA …

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Our Best Wishes for Your Naturally Healthy New Year

“Medicine doesn’t get to the root of the trouble. It only conceals it. The result is a more highly poisoned condition which may become chronic disease. All drugs are harmful to the system. They are contrary to nature. Mark my words. There is no way to health except the natural …

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FLUORIDE: Protecting the Public From Harmful Dentist Dogma

No need for me to say more. You can use our search function to locate other articles we have posted on the hazards of fluoride. The Basics of Regulatory Toxicology: Protecting the Public from Harmful substances By Paul Connett A note to readers Some readers may find this bulletin a …

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Necessary Niacinamide

We all know that for about the past 50 years antibiotics have been greatly overused in people and animals. This abuse of oft needed antibiotics has created a period of difficulty wherein most antibiotics no longer are effective when necessary. If you’re a regular reader of Natural Health News, the …

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