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What is a virus?

October 19, 2014: UPDATEMore About Vitamin C and Ebola Manufactured VirusEbola Pandemic   Stopping Ebola, The Ayurvedic Approachhttp://www.bolenreport.com/EbolaIndianProtocol.htmMore About Urine Therapy Ebola Can Go Airborne – Russell Blaylock MD “It’s a viral organism and at first it was only spread by fluid, body fluids,” he said. “So you had to …

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EPA: Out of Control

Cleanup to Start in East Fork Ninemile; Watch for Traffic Here is an example of still another toxic waste dump being created in the epicenter of the Bunker Hill Superfund Site. Technically it may be a mile or so removed from the “BOX” or original 21 sq. miles. Nevertheless the …

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Busted: Cholesterol Claims

Cholesterol Claims Confound Cholesterol-battling plant stanol-based Benecol has been busted in the UK for exaggerating TV advert claims even though they were based on UK National Health Service, British Heart Foundation (BHF) and World Health Organization (WHO) data. A veteran healthy foods consultant called the ruling “stupid” and advised Raiso-owned Benecol’s UK …

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Truth in Publishing?

UPDATE 4-14-14:  A “friend” of Adams posts this expose on another fraud in supplements Adams is selling.Can You Trust Your Supplements: http://jonbarron.org/dietary-supplements/can-you-trust-your-supplements As it stands now, based on some recently uncovered information, the “health ranger” is now a “News Journalist”. Software creator to “editor” and also a so-called independent reviewer. …

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Simply 4 Alzheimer’s

More about vitamin E Make sure you are using fully natural vitamin E, no synthetics: “The hell with dl”  Despite the occasional negative publicity surrounding vitamin E, this nutrient has proven itself time and again to be one amazing antioxidant. Case in point: Research published earlier this year in the …

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Eat Your Greens and Stay Healthy

Eat Your Greens, or Your Gut Gets It  While Congress lets Big Food crush school lunch reform, new research shows just how bad the status quo is. By Tom Philpott | Wed Nov. 16, 2011 4:00 AM GMT While Big Food rams its Tater Tots and frozen pizza school lunch …

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Aluminum & Dementia

Aluminum & Dementia, fluoride reaction emphasized Doug Cross is a chartered biologist, who fought for victims of the waterpoisoning incident when 20 tonnes of aluminium sulphate were put in the wrong tank in Camelford, Cornwall, in 1988. He is a BSc (Hons) PGCE, CBiol MiBiol, EurBiol.  He writes: below is …

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