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NOW OPEN! Donald J. Trump Fully Approved US Embassy Scholarships for Interested Undergraduates and Graduate Students

Brief Description

President of the United States, Donald Trump have approved the US Embassy Scholarship knowing the fact that there are many determined and talented, low-income students in Africa who only require financial resources and access to information to better their educational future.

The mission is to assist talented and determined, low-income students who are good candidates for
financial assistance from U.S. colleges and universities but lack the financial resources to cover the upfront cost of admission.



Scholarship covers:

  • Tuition fees (Depends on the Course)
  • Accommodation fees (Depends on the Hostel)
  • Cost of books (Book allowance, $16,000)
  • Project and equipment expenses ($5,000)
  • Student monthly allowance ($17,500)


Interested students must have obtained a high school leaving certificate to qualify for the scholarship.
Part-time students are eligible to apply for the scholarship only in circumstances where the applicant is
able to demonstrate heavy career commitments or a medical condition that precludes them from  studying full time. Students may be either internal or external students.


  • Both international and domestic students are eligible to apply. (Any stipend award for international students will be subject to confirmation of a full
    fee scholarship for the corresponding period.)
  • Students who hold another scholarship may apply. Masters/PhD student must work on writing their thesis
  • Full time (a minimum of 35 hours per week) for the duration of the scholarship
    (i.e. they must have completed the research stage).


Scholarship value/duration:

The award will cover up to 18 credit hours. The grantee is to provide funds from other sources for books, living, and other expenses, and must provide certification of this support.

A Fellowship is renewable each year for a cumulative maximum of three years for Master’s candidates and up to five years for doctoral candidate.


NOTE* Applications will not be accepted by email or post.        



Application Procedure:

To apply, you’ll need to:


  • Apply Online for The US embassy scholarship and begin your studies in 2018
  • Complete your application form for admission before the appropriate deadlines.


Application Link: https://www.american.edu/admissions/international/first-year-merit.cfm

Apply Also for the US Embassy Scholarship awards for int'l Students

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  1. I would love to enroll in this scholarship please

  2. Ugochukwu Chinyere

    Please I will grateful and honored if I will be grated this opportunity to travel out inorder to further my education and improve in my tailoring skills please

  3. i start primary school from 2006 to2012

  4. am intrested how can i get started

  5. I’m.interested please. From Nigeria

  6. Hi I write to apply for this scholarship I am Liberian age 28 2012 high school graduate i will be glad when afford this opportunity.

  7. Dear sir I’m Derrick Gofan from Liberia I’m interested in studying in the US sir.

  8. My Name is Saoulomou Kpakilé from Guinea I need scholarship to study in USA please help.

  9. Study in USA

  10. J’aime être étudier aux USA ce le rêve de ma vie

  11. Is it a full scholarship? Pls

  12. I want to be part

  13. I will be very pleased to be selected for a scholarship abroad and I promise to do my best. This is because I really love to study and I don’t have the finances….thank u

  14. Good day

    I would like to work in your country as a Boilermaker, may you provide for the requirements.

  15. my name is Dawud zenab from Ethiopia university please accept me by email provided below and my phone number 00251917497775

  16. Je veus poursuivre mes études a l’étranger je suis élève en même temps footballeur

  17. I’m a high school graduate in waiting to go for further study

  18. Oketch hanningtone

    That’s good for me who is less previleged, I want to study but I can’t afford because our family is poor so I will be great full if am considered .

  19. It is good for us africaness students pls help us to have this opportunities

  20. I Mohammed Djibo I am 20 .I very interested about this opportunity to realise my dream, I want to emprove my knowledge in English learning and entreprenariat through this opportunity.

  21. Zerihun Teklemariam

    My name is Zerihun Teklemariam I am from Ethiopia, I graduated first degree in Dry Land Crop Science(BSc.) & Accounting and Finance(BA) pkease give the masters program in your Unversity scholarship. Since +251-915-646853/-905-617490

  22. It is good chance for African students who further continue their education but still have financial constraints.

  23. Jarsea pauline Massaquoi

    I’m a high school graduate, I’m a Liberian and I have so much interest in this scholarship

  24. please i want to further my education but resource is not available to further my education so please help me

  25. Mathews Greg mutinta

    ii love your university

  26. Alhaji AB Sheriff

    Can I get an opportunity to study.

  27. Catherine E. Pency

    I am so happy to receive such a news. But I want to know how can I apply?

  28. Dear sir /madam

    Really am very interesting in this great scholarship , i want this opportunity to forged my education in USA, please i need your help me to have this opportunity please.

  29. Please for the website for application

  30. it is grate oprtunity

  31. I hope good.

  32. Caroline Esi Asiedua Selby

    Am currently studying a degree mathematics in Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology in Ghana,and I would be happy if am given this opportunity to further up with my masters degree,is a very good opportunity.

  33. Thank you for the golden chance. I am ready to pursue my postgraduate in education or international relation

  34. I’m excited to have access to this great opportunity.America…In God We Trust.

  35. Hi am a high school graduate, please i need this opportunity , please help me

  36. I have BED in maths.I want to learn my masters if I get the chance to enter

  37. Am Very Interested on The Opportunity to Realize my Dream Which I am Short Handed to Excel Further due to Financial Problem.

  38. Yea good chance !! I am going to join USA scholarship.

  39. My name is Helen McGill from Liberia an I am a higher school congrat an I am interest in this program

  40. I do like to grasp this opportunity in order to get access to further education. This opportunity can permit me to realize my dream which is to study in one of the American universities.

  41. I am an entomologist in the Uganda Public service, I would like to get a job in entomological field in America. I am a married Ugandan with two kids and I have a Bachelor in Science Technology, Biology.


  42. Interested

  43. Interested

  44. It is my pleasure to afford this opportunity and ready to studying

  45. Am so happy to receive such new, but how can i apply for this scholarship?

  46. jacques Rabenantenaina

    i am very happy to see such news. please, how can i apply?

  47. Dear sir/madam,
    Iam really interested in this greate opportunity, to study in the USA.
    My education has not been stable due to financial issues and conflicts, please let me know how I can apply, your positive really will be highly appreciated.

  48. Interested

  49. My name is James S P Korsor I currently lives in Liberia on the west coast of Africa. I am undergraduate student who been unable to extends my education at higher level due to some financial problem. I was doing a research online, and I came across US Embassy Scholarship program, and I am very much interesting in this scholarship program in order for me to continues my educational sojourn.

  50. really I’m very interested to gained such chance & please help me I want to participate into master in Botany .I’m from Haromaya University Ethiopia

  51. I’d love to be a part if this .

  52. I’d love to be a part of this .

  53. Diallo Mamadou Dirè

    Comment est votre critère de choix?

  54. My name is Fassinou Fidèle. I’m studient un benin’s university. Please , help me to , i want to study in USA. Je m’appelle Fassinou Fidèle, étudiant à l’Université du bénin… Je désire obtenir une bourse pour continuer mes études aux USA

  55. Mohamed hussein mohamed

    I went to study

  56. diploma in General Nursing

  57. Demsachew Demeke Wasie

    My name is Demsachew Demeke fom Ethiopia i hav Bsc degree in surveying engineering from mizan tepi university Ethiopia , i will so happy if i will get the chance to attend my Msc program in your organization
    I look forwarded to talk with you. Pleas give this chance to upgrade my self. Tank you for your construction.

  58. Am NIGHT CONSTANCE,ugandan female aged 31 and I would like to study a degree in agriculture or veterinary medicine from your university. Thank you very much

  59. First of all I would like.say thanks. I am from Ethiopia. I have BSc nursing degree. Fresh graduated from arsi university with CGPA of 3.89. Know iam currently assistant lecturer. But I want learn masters through this scholarship. Please help me.

  60. I want this scholarship both to escape financial problem and to increase my understandig of the world or study

  61. I love it very much !

  62. I love it very much !

  63. MUNYANKINDI Emmery Patrick

    Hey! I’m Emmery Patrick, Thank you especially to the U.S.A President for the big opportunity you’re offering to us as African Students surely you won’t regret. Quick question now you can help to know how to apply. Thank you!

    • I’m Makula Dulleh, a physical challenge female student of state university of Liberia. And I want to further my studies In the US so I’m interested in this opportunity. You can contact me on the following numbers: +231886118476/+231777931756

  64. I’ll definitely be a dream come through for me to go to the united states of America to do my accounting study there,president Donald J Trump is my method,it’ll be a dream come through for me to see him physically in person…..

  65. I am Daniel G Ben
    I want to further continue my education
    In the united state of America to erase illiteracy around the world.Hope to hear from you anytime

  66. Hi, how can I be a part of this process that is on going by the President Trump? I do have great interest in this program, and want to be a part of those who will be studying on this program.

  67. Am interested in this scholarship because I want to study for my future and become successful in life and help others too

  68. Pls my I am Nigerianot and I would love to enroll but I don’t know how to go about it…..pls I would if I am contact I can always call to put me through

  69. M. T. Roland Chelleh Jr

    I’m M.T.Roland Chelleh Jr ,from Liberia thank you especially to the U.S.A president for the big opportunity you’re offer to us as African students. since I garduated 2014 I don’t have money to advice myself so I’m intrested in this opportunity this my #+231888647725/0770119386

  70. Bonjour je viens demander une bourse d’étude auprès de vous. Je suis au congo

  71. Merci de m’avoir invite .Je suis intéressé

  72. I am lidya from Ethiopia wishing to study in one of USA universty

  73. I interested learn in your university
    I am from Ethiopia

  74. I want to learn master of economics.

  75. I am nardos teferi from Ethiopia and i am 19years old. i am intereseted in this scholarship. I am learning pharmacy.and i want to get this opportunity

  76. Je suis intéressé pour l’obtention d’un vias canadien

  77. my name is yirsaw wolelaw from ethiopia I want joine your university in order to to improve my knowladge ,i have BA degree in accounting and finance

  78. Hi my name is Andrew S kenyor, bravo to the world favorite president Donald J Trump. It will an opportunity for me to participate in this USA scholarship. If opportune, how to apply.

  79. Juweeriya Abdirashiid

    I’m Juweeriya Abdirashiid, Thank you President
    you can help to know how to apply

  80. Angafuh Blaise Anyenebo

    I will be very grateful, I’m from Cameroon

  81. Hi am Rhina Akujo from South Sudan 24years am glad to pass through this interested news I have diploma in business management and I will like to enroll to barcholas degree in human resource management


  82. Mangi Mercy Fungwang

    Hi ..I will be very grateful if I will be one of the applicants chosen..I am interested

  83. Mangi Mercy Fungwang

    Hi..I am interested.. how can I apply?


  85. Boateng Atta Bernard

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am Boateng Atta Bernard from Ghana and I would be very grateful if I am giving the chance to be part of this scholarship holders in order to learn and achieve more to become an important personality for the society. Thank You.

  86. I am grade 12 student,and I want to study doctor of medicine.

  87. Robin Ndayishikaniye

    l’am from from Burundi. l need this offer to continue my studies. l finished bac degree at university of Burundi. thank

  88. Gércia Maria Lando Fuete

    Hello, good afternon, I am Gércia Maria Lando Fuete, I intend to obtain this scholarshisp to finish with my studies.
    For more information here are my contacts.

  89. It’s really good news I liked it

  90. It’s really good news I liked it !

  91. hawikidanu@gmail.com

    First of all I just wanna say thank you for this big opportunity. My name is Dr Hawi Kidanu and iam a general practitioner working and living in Ethiopia. I have already graduated in medicine about 9months ago and if i get the opportunity, i want to do my post graduate study in the USA in Masters of Public health. And if you could guide me how to apply it would be a tremendous help. Thank you so much.

  92. Hello,i am interested too if there is open door for USA Visa because i love America that she has established by men of God,God bless you!

  93. I would like to further my study.

    Am in Namibia and it will be grateful once I award this opportunity.

  94. I’m Niyitegeka joel,from rwanda,I’m 25years old, first of all I want to thank you for this opportunity,I’ve buchelor degree in accounting but I want to upgrade my diploma in your university I’m waiting your good solution.My watsapp no is 250781162913.

  95. Please, send me the link for the application through my email.

  96. Nkata selemba grâce Francky

    Bonjour monsieur j’aimerais obtenir la bourse pour pouvoir venir approfondir mon niveau d’étude

  97. With God above, I pray and hope for this opportunity to further my education. Thanks to the President of the USA

  98. Dear Sir/Madam

    I was looking for such wonderful opportunity to make my dream true. I wil take the best advantage of this scholarship opportunity if given and thank you America

  99. First may name jama Abdi Othman
    Lives In somalia
    Especially the city is hargeisa
    I finished the higher school In secondary
    may GB Is C- And may phone number

    Really I Am very Interested to join this chance
    Please And please help me

  100. Interested very much

  101. Am so much interested

  102. Ngwefuni marvis Njombopo

    Please am interested but do not know how to go about it. Help me. By Ngwefuni Marvis Njombopo

  103. I’m interested into this scholarship and really want study and complete my undergraduate abroad. How do I get my way through? what are the procedures?

  104. Robert Prosper Phiri

    i would love to be part of this i am a high school graduate

  105. I wish to apply, I need admission to study environmental human resources

  106. Please help me il need your université🎓

  107. Abebe, Abraham Abdisa

    Hi, I’m Abraham Abdisa I would like to say thank you for this opportunity and I’m happy to learn/work/ with you.

  108. I’m Getache seyoum From Ethiopia, i would like to say Thank you Mr Prrsident of U.S.A he show us his love practically and i’m so interested in this scholarship thank’s in advance.

  109. I’m mSilamlak from Ethiopia I want to study scholarship in USA how to apply

  110. ABDIKANI mahamed Mire

    I want this scholarship both to escape financial thank Iam from Uganda Kampala it very much my number +256793391278

  111. Je suis très intéressé

  112. Mosetta D. Queyaket

    I’m a female student from northern Liberia and less fortunate i’m very interested in this scholarship and a high school graduate.


    I am a holder of a diploma from vocational school. I will like to further my educational career in one of the institutions in the U.S.A.I will be grateful if my request is accepted. THANKS.

  114. I. Want to be join scholarship opportunity
    if you give a chance i would like to study masters degree because i have BA degree. In accounting and finance

  115. DAAGAN Ségnannou

    Hi, i am DAAGAN Ségnannou . I am beninese. I am majoring in law in university school. I am interested to this opportunity. How can i get started? Please,help me

  116. Thanks for the opportunity.

  117. Thanks for the opportunity

  118. I want to go and study out of the country. I am a high school graduate at the Caldwell Christian Academy (Acfiss)and are the age of 21,live in liberia. Thank you só much.

  119. It is great chance for african’s espesilly for ehiopia my name is Hairu mehdi I’ve bsc.degree in chemical engineering from haramaya university now Iwent to learn master program pls contact me 0922813651

  120. SHIFERAW wondimagegne

    my name wondimagegn shiferaw i’m fromethiopia i’m so interested i been trying every time

  121. I am so grateful for this opportunity that had come to me. This scholarship means a lot to me.

  122. This is a great opportunity for us African students and I appreciate the U.S President for this opportunity. I adeniran tomiwa will take good use of this opportunity for a bright future. Thank you

  123. I am very interested. Because of finance, i had to stop my education. Please how do I apply?

  124. how to apply please

  125. Nkuh Sandrine Ndzi

    Will be happy if am opportuned so as to futher my studies and impact in the lives of others

  126. I hope you accept me in Almighty God reward all over the world thanks you for accept me
    I thank my parent, uncle, brother, sister, friends those that I have in one way or the other received their assistance toward making this write up up reality especially those that I have gone through the manuscript. May Almighty God reward all of you in thousands fold(Amin)

  127. S’il vous plait comment postulé? j”aimerai saisir cette opportunité afin de beneficier d’une formation de qualité .

    • My name is Dawit Girma from Ethiopia I want to learn a masters degree to be giving this chance My email address davegirma87@gmail. com or my phone +251913735351

  128. thank you

  129. Nkengbeza Achelebeh Nuella

    Greetings. I am in high school,i study in cameroon but wish to futher my education in a better country,my family is not financially stable ,will be happy if am selected ,it will be my pleasure to study in a university out of cameroon.I perform well in school and wish to do better in the future. Thanks

  130. I would be morebthan happy to be granted this opportunity to further my education as well to shape my future life.

  131. Mohamud Bakal Ibrahim

    Hi hello i am intresting to get this chance please help me

  132. Patrick simubimba

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I was looking for such wonderful opportunity to make my dream true.I will take the best advantage of this scholarship opportunity if given and thank you for such wonderful and important message.
    Am very anxious to begin studying M.D. at your institute(AU).Patrick Simubimba from Zambia.

  133. I am completing my BSC in electrical and computer Engineering this year.I want to study my BSC in USA.please help me how to apply.Thank you!!!!

  134. I am completing my BSC in electrical and computer Engineering this year in Ethiopia. I want to study my BSC in USA.please help me how to apply!Thank you!!!!!

  135. I am in Ethiopia from bahirdar university still i studies chemical engineering at bahirdar university and I have agreate interest to join with you!

  136. Boss am Bright Arloo from Ghana and am much interested in the scholarship

  137. I am a graduate and wat to contuner my study . will be very happy if I be part of this scholarship family

  138. I am libyan ..i’m struggling since 7 years trying to finish my study ..after the revolution my family moved to egypt and due to high fees i was working and trying to pay my studying fees ,each subject was 220 USD because egypt deals with other nationalities as forigners so i needed to save for 3 months from my salary for each subject at university …i am still trying to finish in libya due to high feed in egypt ..but situation in libya is very bad and my family isn’t stable at all..please accept me in this scholarship..may i know if this is applicable for libyan nationality

  139. I will be honored and thankful to one of ur student sir!

  140. Nkengbeza Brenda Ruth

    Am called Nkengbeza Brenda Ruth am from Cameroon and really wish to further my studies with you and with your support my parents are not financially stable and due to the instability of my country. Thanks

  141. I would love to study at ur university sir! It would be an honor

  142. Thierno Mamoudou Diallo

    Hello I’m student in class one agriculture sciences to the institute superior of agronomy and veterinary of Faranah (ISAV) guinea I’d like that you help me go to your country for reinforce my study please my phone number is +224622434914

  143. Mohamud Bakal Ibrahim

    i am from somalia i intrest to get this opportunity scholarship

  144. I am Tomnyuy Shaidu from bamenda, Cameroon and I am really interested in this opportunity but I couldn’t fine the link to apply online. I will be very glad if you could offer some help as to how I can apply

  145. Interested University!!! How can I apply please?

  146. chansa Dickson m.

    Am interested in trumpet scholarship

  147. Girma kitila Olana

    I will grate full and honored if i will be grated this opportunity to travel out in order to further my education and improve in my tailoring skills please

  148. Hello my name is Yonatan from Ethiopia l need scholarship please help me and contact me know by 0949311054.

  149. lazarous Gondongwe

    Am interested,,Zambia

  150. Je suis interessé

  151. Email address netsanettsegaye610@gmail.com
    Fields Architecture and urbean

  152. How do apply for this great life changing opportunity

  153. My name is Getaneh Kassahun Lake I graduated mechanical engineering

  154. my name is mustafe hussein. I’m from Ethiopia. I’m interested. i am in high school ,i study in Ethiopia ,i wish to future my education in my dream country. i hope you accept me,because of finance , i had stop to my education , please how can i apply. and i want to thanks to your service. I’m happy to this opportunity. email -mustafehussein88@gmail.com & my phone number 251940796918, please contact to me, i hope you accepted to me,

  155. My Name Is Moses S. Naatehn I’m a Liberian who also want to study in the us.i am also a college drop out.

  156. Good day Sir/Madam,
    I called Desiree Nji Fon N. From Cameroon. I am really determine and want to school in the US but i ain’t got the means I’ll be happy if I’m part of this program.
    Thanks Sir/Madam

  157. I am an undergraduated student studing sciences and i wish to take part in the scolarship

  158. Boateng Atta Bernard

    I am Boateng Bernard Atta Senior from Ghana and i would be grateful if this scholarship caters for my need

  159. Owusu Amoateng Emmanuel

    Please i am Owusu Amoateng Emmanuel from Ghana.I would be very grateful to be be part of this scholarship holders. Thank You.

  160. my name is malou Isaiah 19yr male from south sudan . thanks ginen to President trump for the Golden opportunity to studying in USA . i wish to admit me there it’s my dream.

  161. I am Betty from Ethiopia. I am very interested in the program. How to apply please?

  162. I’m from Ethiopian
    Want to apply

  163. is this for real?

  164. I am from Ethiopia. And i would very much love to have such a chance to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

  165. Natnael Endrias Gensa

    I am from Ethiopia. And i’d very much love to have such an amazing opportunity.

  166. Thank you America I went to need this golden opportunity because I am 4th year student of civics and ethical education in Ethiopia . now in Ethiopia ethical problem & hidden democracy so if gate this chance I can solve this problem . thank you

  167. Mohlotsane Tjokosela

    I will be very pleased to get the opportunity to study in the USA and I think through this scholarship I would improve life on earth

  168. I’m interested in this great opportunity. actually I am looking for it

  169. I am Christian Chisha live in Zambia. Am interested to have this scholarship for undergraduate .Am ready to do anything possible as much as I get your help

  170. I am Christian Chisha. I live in Zambia.Am interested to have this scholarship to help me have real/clear access to education. I will do anything possible as much as I get helped from. Am now heading to undergraduate

  171. May I ask you to expand this? Could you write any further example? Thank you!

  172. I nearly never ever remark on weblogs, but I have to say, I enjoy studying about this tropic. Hope you will preserve up the good work. I will for positive be again again

  173. I virtually never comment on blogs, but I have to say, I get pleasure from reading about this tropic. Hope you will keep up the good perform. I will for certain be back yet again

  174. I virtually by no means comment on blogs, but I have to say, I enjoy looking through about this tropic. Hope you will hold up the excellent function. I will for confident be again once again

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