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Phosphorus and Cost Containment

Some NIH material is below on phosphorus.  Many years ago now some one at Medicare decided you could save on health care costs if you deleted this test from the blood chemistry panel.  Fact is that this test is really necessary to make sure you have some idea of how …

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A simple vitamin can strengthern your bones

Natural vitamin K2 in the form of natural MK-7 builds bone strength, helps prevent osteoporosis, and protects the heart. Noted vitamin K expert Dr. Cees Vermeer led the European study which found that natural vitamin K2 as MK-7 (MenaQ 7 ®) significantly increases the strength of both the spine and …

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Most Taking Rx for Bone Drugs Quit

Certainly this is no surprise.  Osteoporosis drugs have many problematic and even life threatening side effects. They also require many lifestyle adjustments that after time many people, both men and women, find difficult.  Additionally many are fluoride based which causes the reduction or even ending of the function of osteoclast …

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