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Can we please hear both sides

Another pertussis cluster has led to the banning of non-vaccinated children from a school district in the Tucson area.  In all the news reports the issue of “non-vaccinated children” is the target or emphasized catch phrase. I recall writing an article in the mid 90s after interviewing a California (MD) …

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In the nation’s largest lead Superfund site, Bunker Hill, a 1500 square mile, an EPA designated NPL area stretching from the Idaho, Montana border on into Washington State, children are not running very well. The lead testing of children is being compromised. Not only are thousands of children not being …

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Aspartame and Seizures

 The attitude of science toward the unwelcome is that it does not exist June 11, 2013: Today at 5pm eastern time. just click the link and network feed will start automatically. ASPARTAME. <http://guerillamedianetwork.com/>http://guerillamedianetwork.com/ A disturbing report on the fast rise of seizure disorder in children was something I heard on …

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