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More Nutrition and Cholesterol Nonsense

I am really amazed by the nonsense littering the web. Take for instance Julie Upton, a registered dietician, who has an article on POPSUGAR telling about food myths.  She lists diet soda as a product that doesn’t cause you to get fat, Myth 2: Diet sodas make you gain weight. …

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Busted: Cholesterol Claims

Cholesterol Claims Confound Cholesterol-battling plant stanol-based Benecol has been busted in the UK for exaggerating TV advert claims even though they were based on UK National Health Service, British Heart Foundation (BHF) and World Health Organization (WHO) data. A veteran healthy foods consultant called the ruling “stupid” and advised Raiso-owned Benecol’s UK …

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Calculating Cholesterol

Natural Health News has over eight (8) pages of articles addressing the cholesterol charade.  I am posting the top four (4) in light of the new push to get more people on a very dangerous drug that in reality has no real benefit to protect you from cardiovascular disease. What …

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Study links statins to higher diabetes again

For years, more than a dozen at least, I have been covering the statin drug issue. My focus has been to educate people about the serious risks of this drug class and to help them realize that what they are being told is not always correct.Now, again, we have a …

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