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The time, it is forever changing

Kedar N. Prasad, PhD This time the change may be back to the past, and to tell you the truth it really annoys me. Not that it is a personal annoyance, its more like one huge road block put in your path  because other people’s ignorance can really harm your …

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Better Heart Health with Proper Thyroid Testing

Reading this pleases me because I have for decades raised this issue with clients who are being improperly counseled by their health providers about critical health concerns.  In one case the person’s did not get her doctor’s attention until the TSH   result was pushing 10. And not only had …

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Death and Sleep Drugs

Well here we are. And once again the mainstream media is reporting on the problems with sedative hypnotic drugs. The same problems of death and higher risk of death is reported today, even when it has been reported on Natural Health News since 2005. I want to know why things …

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Most Taking Rx for Bone Drugs Quit

Certainly this is no surprise.  Osteoporosis drugs have many problematic and even life threatening side effects. They also require many lifestyle adjustments that after time many people, both men and women, find difficult.  Additionally many are fluoride based which causes the reduction or even ending of the function of osteoclast …

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