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Medically Speaking

Every day I see or hear people hanging on every word spouted by people like Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, or Mehmet Oz and others.  I am glad that the masses have these talking heads who for the most part rely on ego more than fact as the push too much …

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On the Attack Against Dr Wright Again

Currently in the stifling bureaucratic environment of Washington State Jonathan Wright, MD is under attack again, this time from the Department of Health. The problem, as reported, seems to have to do more with an error on the part of the WA DOH bureaucrats that anything Dr. Wright did or …

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Communication Key in Health Care

DURHAM, N.H., Dec. 22 (UPI) — Efforts to increase physician-nurse communication and build teamwork help reduce surgery-related complications such as blood clots, U.S. researchers say.Implementation of the Medical Team Training Program and Surgical Morbidity involved the surgical team taking a cue from aviation and having the surgical team use a …

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