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In the nation’s largest lead Superfund site, Bunker Hill, a 1500 square mile, an EPA designated NPL area stretching from the Idaho, Montana border on into Washington State, children are not running very well. The lead testing of children is being compromised. Not only are thousands of children not being …

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Medically Speaking

Every day I see or hear people hanging on every word spouted by people like Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, or Mehmet Oz and others.  I am glad that the masses have these talking heads who for the most part rely on ego more than fact as the push too much …

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What’s Up at Cargill

To me it is unconscionable to market these manufactured sweetener products as they are man made and not in the whole, natural form.  What bothers me more is the lack of responsibility shown by the USA national nurse practitioner (NP) association that has Cargill’s stevioside extract and erythritol combination product, …

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Health or Something Else?

Courtesy ANH-UK Read a very interesting and related article – A New York spider gave me an insight into US private healthcare Occupy Wall Street is right – a rash of bites showed me how private healthcare keeps Americans cowed and compliant http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/dec/04/new-york-spider-us-private-healthcare

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While We’re Talking Vitamins

Just as I finished posting the following article about vitamins I received a new FLASH from MedPage about just how bad vitamin E and selenium are for you.  Of course the study showed no specific type of vitamin E or selenium, but the type does make a difference. In a …

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