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Discovery of four subtypes of melanoma points to new treatment approaches

Melanoma, a relatively rare but deadly skin cancer, has been shown to switch differentiation states — that is, to regress to an earlier stage of development — which can lead it to become resistant to treatment. Now, UCLA researchers have found that melanomas can be divided into four distinct subtypes …

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First immunotherapy for mesothelioma on the horizon, early research suggests

Malignant pleural mesothelioma or MPM is a rare cancer, but its incidence has been rising. This cancer is usually associated with asbestos exposure, and patients have a median life expectancy of only 13-15 months. All patients relapse despite initial chemotherapy, more than 50% of them within six months after stopping …

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New therapeutic opportunity for the treatment of resistant malignant melanoma

New therapeutic opportunity for the treatment of resistant malignant melanoma A team of researchers led by Dr Pierre Close, WELBIO researcher at the ULiège GIGA Institute and Dr Francesca Rapino has uncovered a new therapeutic opportunity in the treatment of malignant melanoma that acquired resistance to targeted therapies. In collaboration …

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Glycans at the ‘I’ of the storm in humoral immunity and melanoma progression

Two new studies have unveiled how a peculiar molecule impacts how antibody-producing cells develop and function as well as how normal melanocytes progress to melanoma malignancy. “These findings on fundamental immunology and melanoma development originate from totally different areas of research, though have intersected at the bench,” said Charles Dimitroff, …

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Lung-sparing surgery for patients with advanced mesothelioma results in prolonged survival, new study shows

Patients with advanced malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) treated with a combination of surgery to remove the cancer but save their lung, plus photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy, had a median survival of nearly three years, with a subset of patients living longer than seven years, according to new research published in …

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New drug hope for asbestos mesothelioma

A new drug is showing promise as a treatment for mesothelioma — one of the most lethal cancers of all. The drug, known as HRX9, works by preventing the cancer cells from avoiding apoptosis — the natural process by which unhealthy and damaged cells close themselves down and die. “Both …

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Pembrolizumab shows promise in treatment of mesothelioma

Pembrolizumab shows promise in treatment of mesothelioma   Pembrolizumab, an antibody drug already used to treat other forms of cancer, can be effective in the treatment of the most common form of mesothelioma, according to a new study led by investigators from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University …

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