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2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 About this time every year the Environmental Working Group releases their latest list of foods highest and lowest in pesticide residue. This week I want to share with you their updated lists for 2013. They have again expanded the Dirty Dozen with a Plus …

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An Apple a Day Really Did the Trick

4 September, 2008 While many foods contain quercetin, the apple is an excellent source of this substance, and provides fiber too. The apple contains many nutrients for health.  You can get your copy of  our special report on Apples and Nutrition which can be sent to you once you donate …

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While We’re Talking Vitamins

Just as I finished posting the following article about vitamins I received a new FLASH from MedPage about just how bad vitamin E and selenium are for you.  Of course the study showed no specific type of vitamin E or selenium, but the type does make a difference. In a …

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