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Thyme: An an herb with multiple beneficial uses!

March is traditionally noted as Women’s Health Month.  Generally NHN often encourages you to uses thermography and ultrasound for best breast cancer screening because of the risk of developing cancer from mammogram. This herb and of course many others can be helpful to you if you are concerned with breast …

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Ultrasound, less X-Ray

Breast cancer:  Ultrasound better for some, and do not overlook Thermography United Press International, 10-23-12 For women ages 30-39 with symptoms of possible breast cancer, ultrasound is a superior diagnostic tool to mammography, U.S. researchers say. Dr. Constance Lehman, director of radiology at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and professor and …

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The New View for 2012

For about two decades I have been writing and education about thermography as a better and safer screening method for breast cancer.  The two best reasons are that it does not expose you to unnecessary radiation and it detects 10 years earlier than x-ray.This article may help you have a …

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When I read last month that the Komen Foundation was pinkwashing a perfume I just thought, “What now?” According to Breast Cancer Action this perfume is a chemical soup of toxic substances that are linked with cancer. You can decide for your self, but I support raising a stink! Another …

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