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Ultrasound, less X-Ray

Breast cancer:  Ultrasound better for some, and do not overlook Thermography United Press International, 10-23-12 For women ages 30-39 with symptoms of possible breast cancer, ultrasound is a superior diagnostic tool to mammography, U.S. researchers say. Dr. Constance Lehman, director of radiology at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and professor and …

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Alternate Media follows our lead

Now that millions have seen the true colors of the Komen Foundation Following its withdrawal of funding from Planned Parenthood I’m posting a selection of our articles on “PINK” from over the years. After 20+ years of PINK there is no cure. And there is little aimed at prevention and …

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The New View for 2012

For about two decades I have been writing and education about thermography as a better and safer screening method for breast cancer.  The two best reasons are that it does not expose you to unnecessary radiation and it detects 10 years earlier than x-ray.This article may help you have a …

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