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FLU FOR YOU? or Prevention

The fact is the practice of flu vaccination in the elderly is not based on evidence, but an article of faith.Should the Elderly Get the FLU jab?  Use the search window in the right column to find our numerous posts on vaccines, flu, vitamin D, vitamin C, and more Natural …

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The time, it is forever changing

Kedar N. Prasad, PhD This time the change may be back to the past, and to tell you the truth it really annoys me. Not that it is a personal annoyance, its more like one huge road block put in your path  because other people’s ignorance can really harm your …

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I am sure everyone is buzzing about the fallacious news stories from the last couple of days that are telling you taking vitamins is risky for your health.  Every time I hear reports on these studies I get mad.  I get more so when I hear the local ABC outlet …

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